Fail Forward-Fast!

I am one of these people that uses a lot of different equipment (both cameras, and software tools). I would love to say that every new release or iteration is a step up…but no,  most are just a side step or even a slight step backwards. New tools are not really an advantage if you have not spent the diligent time and learned how to master the old tool. In many cases we just keep using the tool in a way that has become a habit to us, but it is through exploring and learning some of the other functionality that you start to develop SUPERPOWERS and grow!

Such is the case of going from Automatic mode on your camera to starting to explore the other settings. As always, learning something knew is scary. confusing and wait for it…. failing is not fun. BUT failure is incredibly important in your slow consistent steps up out of the ditch. For without failure nothing new is gained. Think about a baby, the tenacious baby. He does not want to be a quadruped anymore, he wants to have the cool biped swagger. He faced his failure with tenacity and overcame his lower status as a quadruped. How did Edison create the lightbulb, by ignoring his Ego and failing and iterating and failing again until…”the damn thing lit up!”

So back to my Rant. If you want to expand, and really grow, learn to fail and try again, and again and again. Eventually you will fail less with your focused objective, and slowly gain your SUPERPOWERS and start leaping slightly larger goals. Next you will start developing the mindset and empowerment of knowing all growth comes through continuous failure. So push those dial, and press those buttons and learn through failing fast and furious! and it will with tenacity transform you into a better…artist, human and exotic dancer.

***As a side note this approach will greatly help when you are learning a brand new tool, and applying this mindset to power you through the fun of failure.
Rant Over.

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